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Low-Profile Encapsulated Transformers

Low-Profile Encapsulated Transformer Features
The OB Range is mounted in resin-filled, flat thermoplastic cases and designed to be through-hole soldered direct to PCB's. Four screws using holes molded in the corners of the case can supplement mechanical fixing.

The non-concentric twin primary and secondary windings are wound on separate bobbins, which gives maximum isolation and low inter-winding capacitance.

The flat height profile allows for close spacing between boards.

Features and benefits include:

  • International Certifications
  • Low Profile
  • PCB Mounted
  • Resin filled under vacuum
  • 5KV AC flash test
  • Custom designs available
  • Industry Standard
  • High reliability
General Specifications 
  • Primary Volts: 120/240 or 115/230
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Maximum ambient temperature: 40 C
  • Secondary voltage tolerance: within 5% at nominal input and full load
  • Flash Tested: 5kV AC
  • Certifications: VDE 0551, VDE 0570, IEC 742, EN60 742, EN61 558, UL 506, CSA C22.2, SEV 1003, CE Marked
  • EN 60-950 available on request
  • Available in self-extinguishing materials to UL 94V-0
  • Available with short circuit protection (FLD Range)
Additional Specifications and Information


Detailed Specifications (Standard Range)
Mechanical Drawings

Transformer Connections
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