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Power Supplies: AVEL has many years of experience in the design and manufacture of power supply units, the range is ultimately versatile due to our modular construction approach: Using this approach, we are able to design and manufacture custom made power supplies to your requirements, quickly and competitively.
Ratings of between 6VA and 100VA are possible with output terminations to suit your application.
  • Double insulated
  • Standard Modular range
  • Available from 6VA to 100VA
  • a.c., d.c., or regulated Outputs
  • Inexpensive way to meet J.I.T. schedules

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Site Transformers: If you need an industrial Site Transformer, Avel have a comprehensive range of Heavy Duty site transformers at a reasonable price. 

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Available models


Site Transformer Range

Rating (V)
Rating (A)
Sockets Dimensions
(w x d x h)(mm)
ST10.2 500W 1000W Two 210*165*165 7Kg (15.5lb)
ST15.2 750W 1500W Two 210*165*165 7.5Kg (16.5lb)
ST20.2 1000W 2000W Two 210*165*165 11Kg (24lb)
ST22.2 1100W 2250W Two 210*165*165 10Kg (22lb)
ST25.2 1250W 2500W Two 210*165*165 14Kg (31lb)
ST30.2 1500W 3000W Two 250*190*190 15Kg (33lb)
ST35.1 1750W 3500W One 250*190*190 16Kg (35lb)

When specifying a transformer for use on building sites, it is essential that an adequate device is selected, [Note: Continuous or Tool Use], If an inadequately rated device is used, the transformer will cut out periodically or repeatedly blow fuses.
In all cases it is important that the transformer is rated ABOVE the appliance rating with which it is to be used.

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