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Toroidal Transformers and Power Converters
Toroidal Transformers - Avel Lindberg can meet your immediate need for a toroidal transformer from our broad selection of stock units. Select your toroidal transformer requirement from a range of power ratings from 15VA through 1000VA and have it shipped immediately. A complete hardware mounting kit is included with Avel open-style toroidal transformers.

You can depend on Avel Lindberg to provide you with a toroidal transformer that will fulfill all advantages that toroidal transformers offer, such as low weight, small size, low profile, low radiated field, quietness and easy mounting. If your specifications extend beyond Avel Lindberg’s standard toroidal transformer ranges, we offer prompt service to get you going with a custom design. With the many agency certifications available, Avel Lindberg toroidal transformers can help ease you through agency evaluations, and all Avel Lindberg toroidal transformers are CE marked.

We welcome you to take a look at the toroidal possibilities from Avel Lindberg covered on our website. Please contact us by e-mail or call us at 0208-884-4980 to discuss your specifications or to get pricing. We hope you will then agree with what many of our customers are saying – “Avel Lindberg’s prices are very competitive” and “Avel Lindberg toroidal transformers have had the best performance with noise compared to many others I have tried.”

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Laminated Transformers from Avel Lindberg are a reliable choice for standard and custom made laminated transformers, chose this style for the most competitively priced product.
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Power Supplies - New Range - Avel now supply a comprehensive range of power supplies, Manufactured to order, using an ingenious modular manufacturing technique.
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